The Alfie Diaries

The Alfie Diaries


Alfie: The Hidden Mill Dog with a Blog

The Alfie Diaries

Meet Alfie, our 6 year old welsh terrier with a passion for furniture. It was clear from his first visit to the office (in his fabulous tartan scarf) that Alfie had a natural talent, a keen eye for detail and a taste for interior design. Customers and colleagues adored him, and from that day on Alfie had found his place as the Hidden Mill Mascot.

He likes to be involved in everything (it must be the terrier in him) from decisions about fabrics and finishes to deciding on new product lines, even modelling for our social media and the local newspaper. Bolton News

When clients are happy and his work is done Alfie retires to the showroom to take a nap on one of our Victorian wing chairs or French sofa’s. Make an appointment to visit our showroom and try them for yourself, Alfie would love to give you the tour. Book an appointment here.

Alfie is unique, one of a kind, just like our furniture. All products are hand carved from solid mahogany and no two pieces are the same. With that in mind, design your own custom furniture online. Choose your piece, colour and fabric then we’ll do the rest. You design we create.

Learn more about Alfie and follow his adventures in The Alfie Diaries. More coming soon.

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